Our Technique

In our office we use Torque Release Technique or TRT which is one of the first techniques to be birthed out of research. Dr. Ethan is advanced proficient in this technique and learned from the founder of the technique Dr. Jay Holder. TRT focuses on getting down to the root cause of the problem and provides a gentle, specific, and scientific adjustment that is the most reliable and reproducible in all of chiropractic care. It has seen success in treating any and all ailments that plagues people every day. Through the analysis of the technique Dr. Ethan is able to detect the exact spinal segment that needs to be corrected, and use the Integrator to provide an adjustment that is safe, effective, and gentle to people of all ages. This puts the spine back into proper alignment, allowing the body to functional optimally.

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The Integrator

The Integrator, is the tool that we use to perform the adjustments and is the first FDA approved adjusting tool in the profession. It is one of the only tools in chiropractic that provides a totally reproducible adjustment. It has the capability to fire at 1/10,000 of a second which is faster that any set of hands in traditional chiropractic care. It has the ability to provide an impulse with recoil along with being able to use torque (or spin). This allows the adjustment to be specific to each segment in order to achieve true correction and healing from above, down, inside, out.

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Spinal Surgery or spinal Fusion?

TRT is one of very few techniques that allow individuals that have had spinal surgeries or fusions the ability to utilize chiropractic care. It can provide relief to those individuals, along with assisting them in the healing process and eventually halting whatever problem or degeneration that may have caused the surgery.

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Dr. Ethan can not only use TRT to help pregnant mothers with their ailments but he also knows the Webster Protocol that is famous in pediatric chiropractic care. The Webster technique has helped many mothers-to-be with babies that may be breach or in the incorrect position and would make natural delivery improbable.